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All you need to know about copper and copper-alloys.
resistance welding

How to significantly reduce weld spatter thanks to AMPCOLOY®

AMPCOLOY® is a copper-based alloy with high resistance to heat and wear that prevents weld spatter by reducing surface...

resistance welding

How to choose the right material for welding electrodes?

High copper alloys have proven to be a great choice for spot and seam welding due to their electrical and thermal...

resistance welding

Resistance welding - What are RWMA classes?

By choosing the appropriate RWMA class, engineers and welders can ensure consistency, quality, efficiency, and cost...

resistance welding

Advantages of resistance welding for the automotive industry

To enhance performance for resistance welding in the automotive industry, AMPCO METAL has developed AMPCOLOY® High...

copper alloy

How to increase wear resistance with AMPCO® M4

AMPCO METAL has developed a technology that makes Aluminum Bronze even more wear-resistant to better support companies...

copper alloy

How to prevent bearings from wear failure

When it comes to bearings some wear is inevitable, yet there are ways to keep the wear rate as low as possible and thus...

copper alloy

Aluminum Bronze – a wear-resistant alloy in the aerospace industry

The aerospace industry relies on high-performance alloys such as aluminum bronze to meet the highest safety...

copper alloy

The best wear-resistant alloys in the world

Wear is one of the main reasons when it comes to downtimes in production. Copper alloys with their great wear...

injection molding

Why good sliding properties are a must in plastic tooling

Whenever a plastic part has undercuts, the use of an injection molding slider is necessary. Herefore, a material with...

injection molding

How to fix warpage and other injection molding error patterns

Warpage is the most common error pattern when it comes to injection molding. But there are ways to prevent it.

injection molding

Why copper-based alloys are the key to more productivity in plastic tooling

Copper-based alloys such as aluminum bronze are the premium solution for injection molding as they combine good...

injection molding

Injection Molding – reduce cycle time in plastic processing by 80 %

Did you know that copper-based alloys are key in speeding up the cycle times, thus significantly improving productivity?

metal forming

Superior and durable forming rolls and welding rolls

Forming and welding rolls have a crucial function in tube bending. AMPCO METAL has developed special copper alloys to...

metal forming

Roll forming – how to make a metal tube

Tubes are often subject to precise guidelines and thus are used in structural applications. But how is a tube actually...

metal forming

AMPCO® 25 – Benefits of aluminum bronze for deep drawing

When it comes to deep drawing tools, experienced manufacturers chose aluminum bronze. Read why AMPCO® 25 is the perfect...

metal forming

Metal forming – deep drawing of sheet metal

Deep drawing is a widely used metal forming process. Learn how it works, what typical challenges are, and what you need...

metal forming

Electro galvanization - Why AMPCOLOY® makes steel corrosion-resistant

Corrosion has always been a troublesome companion of steel. In our blogpost you get to know how to increase the...

metal forming

Metal forming – hot rolled steel vs cold rolled steel

There are two different types of steel: hot rolled steel as well as cold-rolled steel. But how do these types differ...

food certificate

Wear pads on rotary valves of continuous pressure cooker

The rotary valve introduces, discharges cans, bulk food product, into the continuous pressure cooker with out loss of...

food processing

Bushings for conveyor roller chains

Roller chains in the food processing industry are used on many conveyor systems.

wear resistance

How to increase wear resistance in steel mills thanks to AMPCO® 18

Read about how AMPCO METAL has developed a unique technique to strengthen AMPCO® 18 in order to offer an unmatched and...


Wear parts for steel mill equipment

Wear parts are crucial for the operation of a plant – and especially in such a challenging environment as a steel mill....

aluminium bronze

Benefits of aluminum bronze in steel fabrication

Steel can be found everywhere. But what does it actually take to produce steel? And what role does aluminum bronze play...

aluminium bronze

Aluminum Bronze – a wear-resistant metal in the steel industry

The equipment in steel production is subject to a high level of stress. Aluminum bronze flourishes under these...

copper alloy

How to avoid common tube bending mistakes

In tube bending, there are some typical error patterns that can easily be remedied. Learn how to avoid common tube...

copper alloy

Types of tube bending – How to achieve the perfect bend

Depending on the material in use and the required finishing precision, different techniques can be used to bend tubes:...

copper alloy

Metal forming – How do tubes get their shape?

Do you know the difference between a pipe and a tube? Our blogpost explains all you need to know about tube bending.

injection molding

Injection molding – How to save 40% of production costs

Get to know why copper-based alloys are superior to conventional tool steel in injection molding and can save you up to...

injection molding

What is thermal conductivity?

Copper is known for its great conductivity. But what is thermal conductivity and why is it important for certain...

copper alloy

How to prevent wear

Wear can cause a lot of trouble and is responsible for massive downtimes with heavy economic consequences. Get to know...

alloy production

A brief insight into the history of tilt casting

Read more on tilt casting, a filling technique where both the crucible and the gating system are slowly rotated to...

material properties

How to increase the strength of copper-based alloys

There are multiple processes to increase the strength of copper. Read about a method that increases strength and keeps...

material properties

Copper based alloys: Relationship between ductility and strength

Ductility and strength are two key properties of copper. In order to get the most out of the two properties, the...

alloy production

An introduction to continuous casting

Continuous casting is a cost-efficient metallurgic process that allows the production of metal sections with great...


How to reduce weld spatter?

Read on how to significantly reduce weld spatters and therefore decrease cleanup time as well as increase productivity.

resistance welding

Resistance welding and its different variations

There are several different resistance welding methodes , all with their own unique advantages and areas of...

resistance welding

What materials are used for seam welding wheels?

Resistance seam welding is perfectly suitable to produce high quality weld seams in no time. Read which materials to...


The advantages of spot welding

Resistance spot welding is one of various pressure welding processes. Read about the process of spot welding, its...


Choosing the right metal for your finished machined parts

Machined parts can be produced from a wide variety of raw materials. This blogposts explains, what you need to consider...


How to reduce the reject rate in machining finished parts

Rejects are unfortunately part of production and cannot be completely eliminated. Thus, in this blog post you will...


The importance of standards in machining components

There is hardly anything that is not standardised in some form or another. But what are the benefits of standards in...


Tips to reduce machining drawing errors

In this blog post you will learn what it takes to draw an error-free technical drawing in order to reduce machining...

supply chain

What is crucial for an efficient supply chain in today's globalized world?

In the following blog post you will learn how to set up an efficient supply chain in today's globalised world.

antimicrobial properties

Antimicrobial properties – how copper efficiently kills bacteria and viruses

Corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other - copper has some outstanding properties. But did you know of the...


Welding copper alloys - what you need to know

Copper alloys offer unique material properties such as corrosion-resistance, among others. Learn what you need to know...


How to weld copper alloys using shield metal arc welding or flux-cored arc welding

When welding copper alloys, you have to choose the right welding process. This can be a challenging task. In this...


How to weld copper alloys using gas metal arc welding or gas tungsten arc welding

GMAW and GTAW are two different welding processes that are used when welding copper alloys. In this blog post you will...

alloy production

The importance of a professional casting process design for sand casting

As successful casting processes are mainly based on a proper casting process design, this blogpost discusses the design...

alloy production

The operation of molding: a step-by-step instruction

The process of sand casting consists of many individual steps. This blogpost sheds a light on the last part: the...

alloy production

Saving money with the right choice of casting tooling system

The choice of the right casting tooling system can be a difficult task. A number of things must be taken into account....

alloy production

The importance of quality control measures in the alloy production process

The importance of good engineering not only lies in the application of technological know-how but also in the quality...

alloy production

The challenges of the choice of molding material for sand casting

Hardly in their final form, they already get destroyed. Molds for sand casting live a short life. Yet they play a...

alloy production

Centrifugal Casting

Centrifugal casting is a process that delivers components of high material soundness. It is a proven technology for...


The digitization of marketing & sales in an international company

The demand for increasing sales efficiency and improved streamlining business processes are other factors contributing...

copper recycling

Why copper is more sustainable than generally assumed

AMPCO METAL copper makes products more energy efficient, but the most important property of copper is its ability to be...


Rugged wear resistance thanks to MICROCAST® technology

Aluminium Bronze alloys are already pretty wear-resistant. But there exists a special technology, which increases this...


What is wear? – Causes and types

As different as the causes of wear are, as diverse are its types. In this blog post you will learn everything you need...


Advantages of Aluminium Bronze in acidic environments

Acidic environments place high demands on the materials. Aluminium bronze is an excellent corrosion-resistant metal to...


Aluminium Bronze – a corrosion resistant metal in sea water

The high concentration of salt in the ocean speed up the process of corrosion. Therefore the corrosion-resistant...


How the environment affects the process of corrosion

Certain environments speed up the process of corrosion, which leads to more maintenance work and therefore to higher...


Corrosion can destroy metals - but how does it work?

Corrosion is a natural phenomenon, which causes immense financial damage. The choice of the right material in corrosive...

metal forming

Less friction, more speed, better quality in the metal forming process

If you use tools made of aluminium bronze in the metal forming process, you will improve your production on many...

metal forming

Why you should use aluminium bronze for production of deep drawing tools

Manufacturers should not just pick any kind of material for deep drawing tools. Our post explains what material is best...

metal forming

The advantages of Aluminium Bronze in the metal forming industry

This post will show you how Aluminium Bronze helps manufacturers optimize their production and outgrow their...

metal forming

How to reduce preparation and production costs in the metal forming industry

Aluminium bronze is a great preparation and production cost reducer especially in the metal forming industry. Check out...

plastic processing

Why do you need a food certificate in plastics production?

If you produce plastics that are going to be in contact with food, you can be required to get food certificates. Food...

plastic processing

How to increase productivity in plastics production by 25%

To achieve higher productivity in plastics production, there is a high potential concerning injection molds and the...

plastic processing

How to find the right copper alloy for your production

There is a number of different copper alloys for industry use. Try our new selection wizard especially for plastic...

injection molding

Copper: The secret weapon of injection molding

When it comes to injection molding in the plastic industry, copper alloy is the ideal material due to its...