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All you need to know about copper and copper-alloys.
metal forming

Less friction, more speed, better quality in the metal forming process

If you use tools made of aluminium bronze in the metal forming process, you will improve your production on many...

metal forming

Why you should use aluminium bronze for production of deep drawing tools

Manufacturers should not just pick any kind of material for deep drawing tools. Our post explains what material is best...

metal forming

The advantages of Aluminium Bronze in the metal forming industry

This post will show you how aluminium bronze helps manufacturers optimize their production and outgrow their...

metal forming

How to reduce preparation and production costs in the metal forming industry

Aluminium bronze is a great preparation and production cost reducer especially in the metal forming industry. Check out...

plastic industry

Why do you need a food certificate in plastics production?

If you produce plastics that are going to be in contact with food, you can be required to get food certificates. Food...

plastic industry

How to increase productivity in plastics production by 25%

To achieve higher productivity in plastics production, there is a high potential concerning injection molds and the...

plastic industry

How to find the right copper alloy for your production

There is a number of different copper alloys for industry use. Try our new selection wizard especially for plastic...

injection molding

Copper: The secret weapon of injection molding

When it comes to injection molding in the plastic industry, copper alloy is the ideal material due to its...