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food certificate

Wear pads on rotary valves of continuous pressure cooker

The rotary valve introduces, discharges cans, bulk food product, into the continuous pressure cooker with­ out loss of...

food processing

Bushings for conveyor roller chains

Roller chains in the food processing industry are used on many conveyor systems.

wear resistance

How to increase wear resistance in steel mills thanks to AMPCO® 18

Read about how AMPCO METAL has developed a unique technique to strengthen AMPCO® 18 in order to offer an unmatched and...


Wear parts for steel mill equipment

Wear parts are crucial for the operation of a plant – and especially in such a challenging environment as a steel mill....

aluminium bronze

Benefits of aluminum bronze in steel fabrication

Steel can be found everywhere. But what does it actually take to produce steel? And what role does aluminum bronze play...

aluminium bronze

Aluminum Bronze – a wear-resistant metal in the steel industry

The equipment in steel production is subject to a high level of stress. Aluminum bronze flourishes under these...

copper alloy

How to avoid common tube bending mistakes

In tube bending, there are some typical error patterns that can easily be remedied. Learn how to avoid common tube...

copper alloy

Types of tube bending – How to achieve the perfect bend

Depending on the material in use and the required finishing precision, different techniques can be used to bend tubes:...

copper alloy

Metal forming – How do tubes get their shape?

Do you know the difference between a pipe and a tube? Our blogpost explains all you need to know about tube bending.

injection molding

Injection molding – How to save 40% of production costs

Get to know why copper-based alloys are superior to conventional tool steel in injection molding and can save you up to...

injection molding

What is thermal conductivity?

Copper is known for its great conductivity. But what is thermal conductivity and why is it important for certain...

copper alloy

How to prevent wear

Wear can cause a lot of trouble and is responsible for massive downtimes with heavy economic consequences. Get to know...