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All you need to know about copper and copper-alloys.

How to reduce the reject rate in machining finished parts

Rejects are unfortunately part of production and cannot be completely eliminated. Thus, in this blog post you will...


The importance of standards in machining components

There is hardly anything that is not standardised in some form or another. But what are the benefits of standards in...


Tips to reduce machining drawing errors

In this blog post you will learn what it takes to draw an error-free technical drawing in order to reduce machining...

supply chain

What is crucial for an efficient supply chain in today's globalised world?

In the following blog post you will learn how to set up an efficient supply chain in today's globalised world.

antimicrobial properties

Antimicrobial properties – how copper efficiently kills bacteria and viruses

Corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other - copper has some outstanding properties. But did you know of the...


Welding copper alloys - what you need to know

Copper alloys offer unique material properties such as corrosion-resistance, among others. Learn what you need to know...


How to weld copper alloys using shield metal arc welding or flux-cored arc welding

When welding copper alloys, you have to choose the right welding process. This can be a challenging task. In this...


How to weld copper alloys using gas metal arc welding or gas tungsten arc welding

GMAW and GTAW are two different welding processes that are used when welding copper alloys. In this blog post you will...

alloy production

The importance of a professional casting process design for sand casting

As successful casting processes are mainly based on a proper casting process design, this blogpost discusses the design...

alloy production

The operation of molding: a step-by-step instruction

The process of sand casting consists of many individual steps. This blogpost sheds a light on the last part: the...

alloy production

Saving money with the right choice of casting tooling system

The choice of the right casting tooling system can be a difficult task. A number of things must be taken into account....

alloy production

The importance of quality control measures in the alloy production process

The importance of good engineering not only lies in the application of technological know-how but also in the quality...