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All you need to know about resistance welding and anti spatter

Resistance welding is one of the oldest pressure welding processes and its various methods are widely used in a variety of industries. 

The «AMPCO METAL guide for resistance welding and anti spatter» aims to help you understand the different welding processes and its advantages and showcases, how small things like the choice of the correct electrode material can significantly increase the welding quality and reduce spatter.  


  • How does resistance welding work?
    Importance of the correct electrode material
  • Different types of welding seams in resistance seam welding
  • 5 methods of resistance welding (including spot welding, seam welding, projection welding, mesh welding and flash welding)
  • How weld spatter occurs and how to fix it
  • Resistance welding and AMPCOLOY®

technical paper Resistance welding

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